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                                                          Strander Dene Williams Strander - This ingenious little tool is the next generation in stranders, made by R. M. Williams' son to do all the little extra useful things you wished your old basic Australian strander could have done.  With this new strander, you can now set the strand width to two different measurements, then use a special spring-loaded thumb button to gradually taper between the two widths you have selected.  This is a perfect solution for dealing with stretchy areas of your hide, as well as quickly and easily tapering the strands of your overlay and bellies.  The top guard is also spring loaded to lift up so that you can place the strander onto the middle of a section of lace, instead of needing to feed it all the way through from the beginning as is necessary with the other basic Australian Strander.   Left-handed DW Stranders are also available - just let us know if you need one of those.

Out of Stock
Pre-Order for next batch available soon.
                                                          LeatherDene Williams Hand Splitter - No need for heavy, bulky $4-800 bench splitters anymore for 'roo projects; just split strands on the fly as you braid or while your set of strands is hanging from your hook.  Perfect for beginners and for experienced whipmakers alike... Once you start using it, you'll never know how you used to live without it!

Out of Stock
Backorder delayed due to production, will update when new information is available.

Blunt Lacing Fid
                                                          Lacing FidA fid like this one is a staple in every whipmaker's tool kit.  The tip is tapered to gently open spaces in knots or between strands.  The point is also blunted to minimize the risk of accidentally damaging the leather as you work.

More whipmaking tools and supplies coming soon!  Also be sure to check out the whipmaking leather.
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