Paul Nolan has been a professional whip maker for over 15 years and is a multi-award winning whip handler.

His whips are used by professional whip performers, stage shows, and in film. His acclaim attracted the attention of Discovery's How It's Made series in 2011 which chronicled his whip making process.

Since starting MidWestWhips, Paul has made thousands of custom whips influenced by whip makers of the past and pop culture. Paul has trained actors and stuntmen for stage and film productions and lead hundreds of one on one classes.

He continues to provide the highest quality custom whips available for enthusiasts, performers, and professional hollywood productions. His portfolio is available here.

Casey Tyler grew up ranching in Nebraska and Wyoming. When he was a young boy his Dad gave him his first whip to use. He taught himself how to crack it and fell in love.

When he wore out his trusty tool he began his whip making career, first by repairing the one he had, then learning to make more. He started teaching himself to braid with anything he could get his hands on, including leather, nylon, and even baling twine. As time went on he continued learning through trial and error until he became proficient in both nylon and kangaroo whip making.

In 2009 he met his future wife, Katrina, at a branding. They got married in 2012, and Casey could finally start making his whips full time. Together they opened Dove Whips Western Company where Casey sells his braided works of art and Katrina sells a variety of western hand-crafted pieces, such as beaded jewelry and carved leather items.

After more than 20 years of tried and true experience and experimentation, Casey continues to improve his craftsmanship on a daily basis, including working closely with Paul Nolan in a mutual exchange of information, techniques, and skills. Casey constantly strives to provide the world with whips made to his highest quality standards.