Whip Training & Workshops

Email Whipmaker@MidWestWhips.com for inquiries, availability, and pricing.

If you've got a role or audition coming up that would benefit from whip training, this is the course for you. In Hollywood, showing up already trained can get you a foot in the door. Spend a day learning whip technique from an expert whip cracker. Learn the basic crack to advanced tricks. This is the training that will have you ready for the big screen or stage.

If it's your first time holding a whip or if you've been at it for a while and just need some help getting your technique down, a private coaching session is be right for you. Spend a day learning the basics or refining skills. A private lesson could take you to the next level or get you on the ground floor of the whipping world. Crack your first whip or take a big step towards becoming a pro yourself.

Does the office need a fun getaway? Are you looking for a unique date night you can't get anywhere else? A group workshop in whip cracking and tricks is be perfect. Learn something you've only seen in movies that you can take with you wherever you go. A fun, safe, and exciting experience. Make it a one night event, or book a weekend.

Ready to make a whip of your own? Register for a class in whip making to get your hands on the materials and tools used by professionals. The process takes several multiple hour days depending on the whip style and length. At the end of the course, you'll have a hand made whip you can get cracking with. Every step of the way you'll be guided by veteran whip maker Paul Nolan, who has over 15 years in whip making experience. Have someone there to guide you along the process, ensure the quality of materials, and answer any questions you have on your journey of making your first whip.