Whip Links

Check out The Whip Blog, an excellent source for how to information ranging from whip cracking, care and maintenance, repair, and beginner tips.

A free forum with where fans of Indiana Jones and several Indy whipmakers go to discuss mainly the Indy style bullwhips, but also sometimes other styles of whips and whipmaking techniques.

Membership is required, but absolutely worth it. Several of the world's finest whipmakers share their experience and knowledge on this internet forum, and a paid membership also comes with a subscription to the quarterly newsletter filled with articles from today's pros and the opportunity to purchase the newsletters from years past which are filled with articles to yesterday's whipmaking and braiding heroes.

A great website for any cowboy or western replica needs. Saddles, prop pistols, and trick ropes are all available here and at a premium quality. From cos-play to stage show needs, this website will take you from yankee to cowboy in no time.

One of the best whip performers and most well known whipcracker in the world. Check out his DVD and keep an eye on his schedule to catch one of his shows near you.

Actor, Stunt Man, and Bullwhip Coach. Anthony trained Harrison Ford for Indiana Jones 4, and Michelle Phipfer for "Batman Returns". Check out his website and videos.

Jack Dagger - The King of Fling! World Renowned Knife Thrower and performer. Not only is he one of the best Knife Throwers in the world, but he's a great whipcracker as well.

Both a good friend and a good customer of ours is Chris Camp, The Whip Guy. If you ever get the opportunity to check out one of his shows, don't pass it up. He's very skilled with his whips, and even better with his audience. Check out his page for some video clips from his shows.

Incredible performer Sylvia Rosat, check out her videos, whips, and her show.

Gery Deer is a whip performer and instructor located in Ohio. If you live nearby, he has an indoor whipcracking studio space for climate controlled practice during the cold winter months.

Well known whip performer and Author of "Let's get Cracking". Subscribe to his Bullwhip Newsletter which features videos, updates on performers and whip makers, clickable links to whip-related news stories, and other items of interest to whipcrackers worldwide.

One of the largest online collections of whips we've seen from all over the world. Really an amazing collection, with tons of great photos.