Katana Bullwhips

Handcrafted by: Paul M. Nolan

First created by MidWestWhips as a concept whip for sword and whip wielding martial artist David Stokes, this bullwhip combines the best of so many schools of martial arts. With a standard 12" handle on all bullwhips over 6ft, this whip performs with extreme speed and accuracy and can easily slice through everything from tough skinned vegetables to soda cans. The butt knot is lead loaded so you can also hold the thong and use the knot like a flail, the thong is strong enough at 12 plait to use in Hapkido grappling techniques, and the 12" handle is also long enough to use as an Escrima stick. Though whips have traditionally been stereotyped more as long range weapons, this bullwhip was built with close combat in mind as well to create a surprisingly well-rounded and stunningly unique weapon.

The handle portion of this whip is finished with a kangaroo hide traditional tsukamaki sword wrap over a specially shaped handle foundation. This is what Stokes had to say about the unique handle: "I actually think it's BETTER than a traditional round bullwhip grip because you can close your eyes, grab this whip, and IMMEDIATELY know where the thong naturally coils. It gives immediate hand orientation..."

This signature series bullwhip is completely customizable from the all black with only the white kangaroo underneath the tsukamaki (in place of the same kawa) as shown in the picture, to any other color we have in stock, for no additional charge. The menuki, or small emblems shown underneath the wrapping are up to the customer to provide, if desired. If no menuki are provided, the whip will be completed with a plain wrap.

Ordering Information: If you are interested in owning a MidWestWhips Stokes Katana Whip, please contact us for pricing and our current wait times. This whip will always be custom made to match its new owners' preferences and background, just as the katana swords were in feudal Japan historically. Standard lengths include 4.5ft with 8" handle, 6ft with 10” or 12" handle, and 8ft with 12" handle, though other lengths are available upon special request.

Katana 4.5ft - 8" Handle

This whip was designed with the Latigo y Daga martial art in mind. The unique handle and length is perfect for training in the whip and dagger style. Available in any colored offer, the picture shown is all black with white kangaroo underneath the tsukamaki, though any stock color combination is available.



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Katana 6ft - 10" Handle

The 6 foot katana whip is ideal for precision and targeting. The unique style grip is perfect for building muscle memory and replicating trick shots. The length provides easy handling, but long enough for graceful cracking practice.



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Katana 8ft - 12" Handle

An 8 foot Katana whip is truly a work of art. Graceful long movements and a massive cracking abilities in the right hands. Great for Anthony Delongis style grappling, this extended length whip with its unique handle can perform in ways other styles can't compete with.



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